Do our choices in music matter?
They do...if truth is more important than opinion.
"Proving what is Acceptable Unto the Lord"
Ephesians 5:10
The Christian Church is now facing its greatest Satanic challenge in 200 years. Under the guise of "cultural-relevancy" and a so-called "seeker-friendly" status; music which directly undermines the very relationship the Christian church seeks to proclaim is being offered with much Church approval!
Rather than offering a safe haven for those truly seeking Godly wisdom and family-strengthening musical standards in a world of sin-glorification, much of Christian Radio Broadcasting is largely guilty of creating a generation of Christians blissfully unaware of Satan's most dangerous tool. Destructive "religious" opposed to music with God's Blessing attached because His principles are applied...will prepare many for deception, disconnection  and destruction! The fact that ALL variations of rock music are steeped in, and supportive of, rebellion is not lost on the enemy.
In many churches and church-related radio stations, cheap imitations of worldly music are currently being proclaimed as Godly and worthy of enjoyment and emulation. This is in direct opposition to Holy Scripture which commands in Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God". If supposed Christian music is little different from modern popular is NOT because secular music has changed! How far so-called modern Christian music has degraded is truly shocking, yet this repeating of historical events was foretold a century ago!
The Alpha of Apostasy was clearly identified in the writings and teachings of Dr. Kellogg as published in "The Living Temple" (1902). Regarding the Omega of Apostasy to come, do not think that the Enemy of God and Man will only work in areas and methods where he has already been discovered and defeated. Expect him to act in newer areas and with modern methods...taking ground and making successful inroads where he is unanticipated...especially in the powerful arena of music.
Lessons should be learned, and applied in our day, from the Satanic musical principles displayed at the Indiana campmeeting of 1900. Radio broadcasting, while still a tremendous tool in reaching the public with the Three Angels Messages, must not be compromised on musical principles just to feed the "itching ears" of a large listening audience. Christian radio does not exist to entertain the multitudes refusing to enter the ark of safety, but rather to legitimately point to a Risen and Soon Returning Savior. However, regarding the acceptance of such a warning by the majority of our time, let Jeremiah Chapter 26 be a lesson. Nevertheless, the truth must be told and the warning given.
Do not suppose that the following  information is given in the spirit of condemnation and haughty superiority. Rather, what true friend is it who sees a neighbor about to tread upon a deadly serpent and issues no warning? Should one say nothing when a fellow traveler in life receives counterfeit currency...only to pass it along to others unaware? To answer the question from Genesis 4:9...yes we ARE our brother's keeper...and responsible for the well-being we are able to share and the harm we are able to help avert! THAT is truly loving your brother as yourself.


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