Those who have given their hearts in total and complete surrender to the Savior can expect (over time) to have their musical "tastes" brought into harmony with His desires through the steady influence of the Holy Spirit. While Jesus initially accepts us (and our listening habits) as we are, it is His plan to remold our spirit within and to fully inform our minds that we may accurately reflect His Pure and Holy character. Surrender to Christ is the key.

Because "Spiritual Things Are Spiritually Discerned" the unconverted (both inside and outside the Church) may struggle with the concepts presented here. However, the Spirit works as He will, and it is our desire that exposure to Christ's principles (especially in an arena as powerful as music) will help to make the journey toward Him more likely than it would be otherwise.

While it is our position, that a thorough study of the principles involved in discerning the difference between Godly and Satanic music is vitally important, we will here present an extreme condensation illustrating the basic concepts. We strongly encourage visitors of this web site to continue through the recommended reading, viewing and listening in the pages that follow! The consequences of unhealthy music are far greater than most realize!

Music is a language. It transcends time, culture and location. Musical composition has moral and value content just as surely as do written and spoken words. Healthy music is composed of the basic elements of all music, but in a divinely specified order. The first and predominant element is Melody. This is the recognizable tune that provides the highest message content. The second is Harmony. This supports and blends with the Melody. The Third and final element is Rhythm. This is the "moving" part of the music, having the greatest potential for abuse. It induces strong physiologic response when miss-applied, both bypassing the frontal lobes of the brain where moral decision-making occurs, AND also reducing blood flow to that portion of the brain! This bypasses and cripples the moral filters! Legitimately applied, Rhythm is only a low-level, supportive component, subservient to the Melody and Harmony. Functioning at an improper level, Rhythm is especially harmful when loudly applied in anapestic and 2/4 beats. To make a very long story short, these beats appeal STRONGLY to the flesh and the spirit-world. One precise example would be Voodoo practice. Another is any typical rock concert. It could be said, with a great deal of accuracy, that the events are largely interchangeable.


Why Can't Many Christians Hear What's Wrong?
(and what does it mean for their spiritual health?)

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